A Portable Gas Analyzer is needed in many oil and gas industries
Combustible gas detectors are a necessary safety device
Combustible Gas Detectors

We offer weekly and monthly rentals for personal multi gas monitors. Long-term rates can be arranged if you will need the equipment for longer durations. Contracts may also be prepared for certain situations. Give us a call to make arrangements and we will get your combustible gas detector/s ready to be sent out immediately. All we will need from you is a signed copy of the rental agreement below.

We recommend bump testing prior to each day’s use to confirm monitor is working properly.

Services Offered:

  • Personal Multi-Gas (4-Gas) monitors - measure CO, O2, H2S, and LEL - all monitors come fully charged, calibrated for 6 months, 120V AC charger, 12V DC charger, and clips for attaching to clothing or hard hat. Calibration test results can be distributed upon request.

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Combustible Gas Detector Services

Repairs and Calibrations will be provided at no charge should you have a problem with any of our portable gas analyzer equipment.

We will ship out equipment as soon as possible.  If equipment is needed within certain timeframes, let us know and we can try to meet your demands.  Return Shipping labels can be included if you would like.  Shipping charges shall apply.

Rental Agreement - Click Here to download the Rental Agreement

Disclaimer: All monitors will be in working order when sent out. If any problems should occur we do not assume any responsibility for any incidents related to a broken or non-working monitor. We will fix or send a replacement as soon as possible. Lost or stolen monitors/parts shall be replaced and charges will be incurred.