A Portable Gas Analyzer is needed in many oil and gas industries
Combustible gas detectors are a necessary safety device
Combustible Gas Detectors

We are a small business that was started to help serve the needs of companies with safety in mind. Currently based out of Laurel, MT, we support the local areas within Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. We also have the capabilities to provide services on a national scale ranging from the east to west coast and everywhere in-between. Having prior experience in the oil industry mainly throughout the Williston and Minot areas of North Dakota, we realize the importance of atmospheric testing with our combustible gas detector products. It is extremely important to maintain safe working conditions for employees in the oil, gas, and mining industries since there are atmospheric dangers involved in developing the infrastructure and sites for these industries.

Being located in the heart of recent expansions of oil formations such as the Heath, Bakken, and Niobrara Formations, we can provide quick and reliable servicing for atmospheric monitoring with our portable gas analyzer equipment.

We will maintain all our multi gas monitors and keep them in working order until your job is complete. Our monitors can be used for personal monitoring capabilities and confined space entry situations as well. Just ask and we can work with you to meet your demands. We are dedicated to providing a reputable and seamless service for our customers. Building honest and professional relationships with our customers is important to our company.

Why rent gas monitors?
- Rentals can be deducted from year end taxes!
- Battery life, calibrations, sensor failures, broken parts are frequent issues with monitors especially if used infrequently...We handle all of those issues for you!
- Companies rent to keep their rate sheets low when bidding projects.  If the project requires atmospheric testing/monitoring, companies will rent monitors and can then pass the cost on.
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